Gym Update

Dear Gym Members,

An update from the gym. As you will see there are some great improvements happening. Firstly Korn is in place now as the gym manager. He is there to ensure you have an enjoyable time while training. If you are interested in personal training, either individually or small group sessions, please speak to him and see what he has available. If you are unsure about using a piece of machinery, ask Korn and he will happily show you. Korn is a valuable asset to the gym. He is not there to tidy up after us all.

You will see we have had a delivery of new equipment. This is a large investment by the gym and club to provide an exciting and invigorating environment to train in. Take your time to familiarize yourselves with it and build up slowly. Yesterday we took delivery of a machine called “the grappler “. This is an upper body cardio workout machine based on climbing a rope. It is brutal and brilliant at the same time and takes away any excuses for not training if you have a lower body niggle.

We also put together 5 Wattbike Pro’s. These are high spec, continuous feedback exercise bikes and will no doubt prove very popular. As with all equipment, look after them, use a towel and wipe them down when finished.

A reminder on gym etiquette.

Every person signs a form acknowledging the gym rules and thankfully the majority of gym members follow them, making for a pleasant place to train. Unfortunately a minority still feel it is ok to ignore them. For the majority I appreciate your efforts and apologies for having to repeat this message.

For the few, a reminder:

It is your responsibility to clean down the machines after you use them and put away your equipment in the correct place. Lay a towel on the bench / seat and use the paper towel and spray to clean them afterwards. There is not one member of the gym that is too important that they can ignore this. If you feel it is ok to leave the machines covered in your sweat then you will quickly find you will no longer be a member of the gym. The same goes for putting stuff away once you have finished.

If people continue to ignore the gym rules the club can and will remove their access to this facility. My role as chairperson, along with the committee and club staff, is to provide a thriving, friendly environment for everyone to train in.

Every gym member must play their part. If you see someone leaving a machine and not wiping it down, give them a friendly reminder. The same goes for putting equipment away. If they refuse to or get angry stay calm, inform the gym manager or club staff so further action can be taken.

A friendly reminder on personal training. Personal training sessions, instructor to client, may only be conducted by the Panaga Gym Manager - Korn. He is the only one insured and approved to conduct sessions in the gym. Nobody else has the appropriate insurance or clearance and is therefore putting theirs and their clients membership at risk.

I realise with the delivery of new equipment it is eating into the free area. Please bear with us on this as we will be developing extra space over the coming months as part of the total club development.

As always if you have any suggestions on equipment you would like to see then please put them forward. Korn will be using the Watt bikes soon for trial spin classes so watch out for that.

Train hard and enjoy

Panaga Gym Committee Chairman