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Etiquette in the Fitness Centre (Gym) - January 2021

A friendly reminder to all Panaga Club Fitness Centre enthusiasts... "It has been noticed recently that some Gym users are not tidying up after themselves when they have been using the smaller pieces of equipment during their workouts. Please be considerate to other Gym users and Club staff and put the equipment away after you have used it, including the heavier weights on the larger machines. Please also be aware that as a user of the Gym you must wipe down all equipment, both large and small, after you have used it. This is good Gym practise at all times. The Gym Manager has also discovered on his return from leave that a small black coloured foam roller is missing...

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Gym Update

Dear Gym Members,An update from the gym. As you will see there are some great improvements happening. Firstly Korn is in place now as the gym manager. He is there to ensure you have an enjoyable time while training. If you are interested in personal training, either individually or small group sessions, please speak to him and see what he has available. If you are unsure about using a piece of machinery, ask Korn and he will happily show you. Korn is a valuable asset to the gym. He is not there to tidy up after us all.You will see we have had a delivery of new equipment. This is a large investment by the gym and club to provide...

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