Sub Aqua Club (Diving)

Panaga divers is a British Sub Aqua Club affiliated branch operating under the Panaga Club.
We dive mainly on weekends and as it is a club. It is run on voluntary basis we all have to help out! We accept all recognised dive qualification (E.g, PADI, SSI, CMAS etc), though when we run courses we use the BSAC syllabus and structure. 
We normally dive from KBBC using our new boat marlin. The reefs are about 1 hour offshore. We dive a mix of mainly reefs and some wrecks from 10m to 65m and have an ongoing exploration programme finding new sites for the club to dive. We have over 50 dive sites accessible from kb and we are the only diver boat heading to this area meaning the coral is in excellent condition.
The Club provides cylinders and weights, and has BCDs, regulators and dive computers to rent. We do not have wetsuits, fins or masks (apart from a few donations from departing members), so it is best to obtain your own. 
We also organise diving out of the Piasau Boat Club in Miri, and from dive operators in Muara. We occasionally plan trips abroad. 
The diving season is generally March to end November. During the monsoon, the seas can be too rough. Water temperature is generally 29c except winter when it can be 24c. Visibility can be variable, with occasional current at surface or at depth. 
Diving from the KBBC normally meets at 7:45am. The first time you dive with us, you will need to come down early eg. 7:35am, please bring along your qualification card(s). Eg PADI OW/Nitrox cards, and you will need to fill in the usual medical and indemnity waivers. We normally get back from dive trips around 2:00pm, having done two dives. 
If you find you dive regularly, you may need to join BSAC for the 3rd party liability insurance (if you do not have your own). Also, if you dive a lot and plan to go on holiday diving then we would recommend DAN diving insurance. 
On dive trips, remember to bring hat/sun cream/water and snacks. We do get some swell in the sea. So, if you are prone to sea sickness, may be advisable to take a tablet before diving!
Chairperson David Outhwaite
Secretary Holly Savoie
Treasurer Terry Savoie
Diving Officer Michael Tonge