Jungle Tots Section

Welcome to Jungle Tots Section!
About Jungle Tots

Jungle Tots is a wonderful community of passionate and dedicated parents who have come together to create a fun and engaging play experience for children up to 6 years old.

 Our play area is designed to be safe and secure, so parents can relax while their children explore and play.

We have a wide range of toys, games and activities to keep your little ones entertained and engaged, while also promoting their physical, emotional and social developments.

We believe that every child deserves to have a joyful and memorable childhood, so we strive to create a positive and supportive environment where parents and children can form meaningful connections and lasting friendships.

Section Fees: $10/month

Jungle Tots Session

Time:10:00am - 11:00am

Jungle Play (Free Play)

Jungle Jingle (Musical and Rhymes)

Alternate between Jungle Art (Paint & Craft) and Jungle Swim (Swim & Waterplay)

Sensory Jungle Play

Rumble in the Jungle
(Soft Tumble Play)

What do we do?

  • Fun activities play sessions on weekdays for children aged 3 and under.
  • Organize exciting parties for children aged 6 and under, including Easter, Welcome Back and Christmas Parties.
  • Have educational trips for children aged 6 years and under, such as visiting the fire department or learn new skills such as making Pizza.
  • We also rent out children’s tables and chairs for Panaga Club Members, you can host the perfect party or playdate.
 Chairperson Andrew Boase
Treasurer Farah Yasmin Binti Jasman
Secretary Mohaida Mohd Din


For more information about our section, please email us at: jungletotspanaga@gmail.comor just pop in during a session!