Registration for Junior Membership Card(s)

Members may request approval from Club Manager for Junior Membership cards for their children aged from 6 years above as defined below:

  1. Children from aged 6 up to under 12 years where parents have applied for Junior membership cards that allow their children to sign chits for food/drinks and unaccompanied on Club premises to attend or participate in specific organized activities or lessons only such as Badminton, Dance, Football, Library (aged 8 and above only), Music, Rugby, and Tennis. The parents are responsible to collect their children immediately after the activities or lessons and the children must wait for their parents in the Club foyer or appropriate related area.

  2. Children aged 12 (and also applicable to those turning 12 years old during that year) and 13 years where the parents have applied for Junior membership cards that allow their children to sign chits for food/drinks and unaccompanied access to all Club areas except the Golf Course/Driving Range and Swimming Pools.

  3. Children aged between 14 to 21 years are not allowed to sponsor a non-member either on Temporary or Day Visitor pass unless authorized by their parents and approved by Club Operations Manager. Only a Member (or spouse) is allowed to do this.  

The child is my responsibility for any injury or misconduct whatsoever and that I will be answerable to any bills incurred by my child. Children under 14 years must be supervised and accompanied by a parent or guardian (adult – 18 years old above) at all times when in the swimming pools or surrounding area of the pools defined by the barriers.  The card may be withdrawn upon observed misconduct of my child.

Please read and understand below Pool Rules & Indemnity.

POOL RULES – For your safety & enjoyment, please take note of the following rules.  All the Rules are posted at the entrance to the pool area and online – please familiarize yourself with them:

  • There are NO LIFEGUARDs on Duty at any time – the safety of you and your children is YOUR responsibility.

  • All small children who are not toilet trained, or only recently so, MUST wear a swim nappy (available for purchase at the Club) and MAY ONLY BE in the small pool.

  • No running or rowdy play in or around the pool area. Diving only permitted from the deep end.

  • No Food or drinks in the pool or in the Wet Deck area. The “wet deck” is the tiled area surrounding the pools.

  • Always be conscious of and respectful to all other pool users.


I/We and/or my/our family acknowledge:
Any persons entering the Club’s property and/or using the Club’s facilities:

  • do so entirely at own risk and neither the Club nor the Club’s management, volunteers or committee members, members or any employees shall be liable in any manner whatsoever for

  • any claim or damage arising or suffered either directly or indirectly from personal injury or harm whatsoever, including death, or any damage whether direct or indirect to personal or other property whatsoever, and howsoever caused.

  • shall, by doing so, be deemed to indemnify the Club against any liability for damages, howsoever caused.


  • I/We understand that upon occasion images or videos may be taken on the premises of Panaga Club or during any event organized by Panaga Club or its staff. These images or videos maybe used for the purpose of marketing by the club, including website, social media and printed publications.  I/We hereby give authority for Panaga Club to take images or videos of everyone engaged under this family membership of Panaga Club, including any dependent children, on the premise of Panaga Club or during any event organize by Panaga Club.  I/We understand these materials may be used for marketing by Panaga Club.

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Member Services Team via email: or via WhatsApp: +673 745 2265. If you would like to call us, you may reach us at +673 745 2265.