Arts & Crafts




We are a bunch of creative people who have a passion for anything and everything to do with art & craft.

We have an AMAZING work space upstairs, overlooking the coast and the golf course. Our work room is bright, airy and we have an impressive inventory of tools and equipment for most art and craft activities.

We have scheduled opening hours, and you can drop in and bring your own project and utilise our space!

We welcome everyone, whether you are a beginner or skilled, or if you want to inspire or be inspired, this is the place to be! They are so many art & craft ideas to be explored and our section can be the start of it all!

Our current workshops includes scrapbooking, sketching, drawing, calligraphy, watercolour and various sewing projects.

Past courses have included painting, patchwork, appliqué, batik, box-making and still life drawing.

We are always looking for volunteers interested to teach and we always welcome ideas on workshops that our members are interested in.

Come and join us, meet new friends, cheerful individuals and of course creative minded people!

Annual Fees: $30 per person / $50 per family / $5 per session

Please find our rules and regulations HERE.

For more information about our section, you can email us at: