Panaga Club - Back Road Access

Dear Panaga Club Members,

I am pleased to update you on a change of access to the Panaga Club.  As of Monday, 13th May the rear access road adjacent to the beach will be re-opened for Members vehicles, bicycle and pedestrian access to the Club.  It has been many years since this access was opened and believe it will provide more access options for our members.  Safety remains our #1 Priority, therefore we have taken a number of steps to ensure the addition of vehicles is safe for pedestrians in this area.

  •  Access will be via the Panaga School – Rampayoh car park.
  • Hours of access from 7.30am to 9.30pm Monday to Sunday.
  • We have installed a security hut at the Padang Gate, and this will be manned 100% of the time while open.
  • Additional road lighting and signage has been installed.
  • Flashing lights for crossing to Santauri from playground installed.
  • Vehicle numbers will be limited to the number of car parks (20).
  • Car parking only in designated car parks (not on road, Padang etc.)
  • Bike racks are already installed adjacent to the playground.
  • Access is STRICTLY for MEMBERS ONLY, NOT Visitors.
  • NO access off the beach / ramp for vehicles.
  • The road gates will be locked at 9:30pm so all vehicles MUST be out by this time.

 We have been working with Panaga School to ensure that children walking to the Club for swimming etc will continue safely and vehicle access will be stopped during these times.

 As per the above, access is strictly for Panaga Club MEMBERS so security will be requesting to see your Club Membership Pass before access is allowed.  All PASSENGERS in vehicles must also show their Club Membership Passes along with the driver.  All non-members must access the Club through the front main entrance and sign in as per the current process.  There will also be limited access for Santauri food supply vehicles.

Please support our Security and Club Staff in abiding by the rules and their instructions so we can all enjoy the new access safely.

Kind regards
Michael Lampp
Panaga Club President