As a Panaga Club member you are welcome to join the Library Section!
The Panaga Library is well-stocked with excellent English and Dutch lending items, which are continually updated with the latest releases from abroad.  The book collection consists of both fiction and non-fiction books, English and Dutch, for children and adults.
The Panaga Library is proud to have a special Borneo Books section: a unique book collection about the natural history, wildlife, flora and fauna in Panaga, Brunei, Borneo and the South East Asia region.
Apart from the books, the library also offers magazines, audiobooks and premium quality DVDs for both adults and children.
The Panaga Library is not just an ideal space for studying and reading with free Wifi.  
The Library also offers a platform where all the community members can get together for educational and fun events.  We offer the opportunity for members to hold events like storytelling, offer a space for community artists to display their work and a space where different languages can also be read and spoken.  For example, the Chinese community regularly holds Chinese story telling and reading sessions in the library.
The library is adjacent to the Club Administration Office. The library is open every day except on Sunday. We hope to see you soon in the library!

 For more information about the library, please contact us at