Standard of Procedure for Lost and Found Items at Panaga Club

  • Photo of item should be taken and sent to Member Services Hotline through WhatsApp: +673 745 2265.
  • Lost and found items are to be handed over to the receptionist/security counter at foyer area. 
  • Lost and found items are to be recorded in the books, and either in the lost and found cabinet or inside Member Services Office for valuable/expensive goods. 
  • The focal person to contact for ALL lost and found items is Hafizah, who can be contacted through WhatsApp at +673 745 2265.
  • If anyone receives information regarding the owner of item, please inform Hafizah (or any Member Services staff in absence of Hafizah) immediately and the item is to be taken out from lost and found cabinet, to be kept Member Services Office whilst waiting for collection. 
  • Items unclaimed for more than 4 weeks will be disposed of. 
  • If owner of item has claimed but not collected, Hafizah and/or Member Services staff will follow up with owner up to two (2) times prior to action on disposal.