History of Panaga Club

“In 1929 the first social club for Shell employees was opened.  Originally the club had just one room in the Kuala Belait Rest House, which had been built to house new members of staff until they could be found accommodation elsewhere.  Nevertheless, the club was a resounding success and it soon became a focal point for everyone who worked in the area.

In time, the club was expanded and given its own permanent clubhouse.”

Brunei Shell Companies. Sixty Years On: 1929~1989. (Bandar: Apress, 1989) 10.)

The ribbon-cutting for that building, on the site of the old Rest House, took place on 13 October, 1956.  Renovations and additions over the subsequent years are testimony to the Club’s resolve to continue meeting the changing needs of the members.

Membership has expanded to include employees that are associated with industry, Garrison, government, and reciprocal club members, and their families.  The club’s elected Management Committee, and divisions and sections, are all directed and run by volunteer club members, with the support of on-site administrative staff.

The Panaga Club circa late 1940’s

Panaga Golf Club late 1940’s