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The Panaga Club and KBBC offer a wide range of facilities both freely available and for rent. Check on Overview to see all the available items, make sure you read the rules before booking and proceed to booking forms to reserve your spot! 


Beach Shelter (Bookings via Caterer Serikandi: 3377750 / 3372350)

Jungle House

  • Main Room

  • Garden

  • Padang


  • Power Boating & Fishing Activities


    • Big Hall

    • Small Hall (bookable by Sections only)


    • Simpur Room (1st floor)

    • Pelangi Room (1st floor)

    • Main Hall (ground floor)

    • Jam Factory (basement)

    Swimming Pools

    • Free leisure swimming

    • Bookable by Sections only

    Tennis Courts

    • Court 1 to 5 (bookable by Tennis Section Members only)


    • Beamers & Projection Screens

    • Flipcharts

    • Jungle Tots Children Furniture

    • Musical instruments (Band & Disco)

    • PA System

    • Pin Boards

    • Stage Blocks

    • Foam Machine Rental