Application For A Single Section Activity Pass (SSAP)

  • Membership is for one (1) section activity only - multiple section memberships are not allowed. 
  • Membership is subject to approval from relevant Section.
  • All payment(s) are to be made in advance. 
  • The Single Section Activity members are only allowed access tot he venues where their section activity takes place and are only allowed in the Club for the duration of their activity (plus 15 minutes before and after).
  • The Single Section Activity Pass is B$20.00 per month, plus any individual section fees (where applicable). The total cost to be paid will be advised by our Member Services Team once we have received your application. 
  • The pass is applicable for per person/family, whereby family includes spouse and own children aged 18 and below. 
  • There will be no proration of fees (days or weeks). 
  • A Refundable Card Deposit of B$10.00 per card will be charged upon application. This will be returned to the applicant if we receive the pass within 3 months from expiration, otherwise it will be forfeited. This will not be required if you are extending your Single Section Activity Pass. 
  •  If you would like to request for a replacement card (due to loss/misplaced), you will be charged B$10.00 per card and B$0.60 for a plastic card holder per piece. 
  • Applicable to non-members who are 18 years and above - to provide a copy of Brunei ID and photo.
  • This is not applicable to non-members who are volunteer coaches providing training.
  • This offer is not applicable to existing full Club members (cannot downgrade to this category).