Increase of Golf Subscription Fees

Dear Golfer,
Thank you for your support and patronage of Panaga Golf Section. Throughout Panaga Golf history, the Committee and Staff have continually worked to operate and improve our course and associated facilities. Panaga Golf also has a strong tradition of members volunteering their time, talents, and expertise for the greater good of the Section.
Effective January 2022, the Panaga Club has started to operate on a self-funding basis and this also impacts the Golf Section that traditionally attracts considerable costs for maintenance of the course and facilities.
To maintain the quality of the course, our current level of service and to ensure adequate cash operating the section, and after due consideration the committee deemed it necessary to increase the golf membership fees.
This was tabled at the recent AGM and the details are indicated below:


Monthly Fee (Old)

Monthly Fee (New)

All categories except Full, Retiree and Junior







(Waive $0 for 1st applicant /$29 per month for 2nd applicant)


No Change

Junior Resident (11–21 years old)


No Change

Junior Non-Resident (11-21 years old)

Member to advise if the child is not residing in Brunei

$30 per year

No Change

Junior Member below 11 years

No charge

No Charge

The monthly membership fees increase as per above will be effective 1st April 2022.
The decision was taken very seriously and was only made after due consideration and deliberation.  Other avenues to increase income will be further explored including hosting more tournaments and encouraging enrolment of new members. We continue to also encourage all members to bring forward ideas. 
Thank you again for being a member at Panaga Golf, and we look forward to enjoying many more years of wonderful golf together.
Panaga Golf Committee 2022-2023