Welcome to the Panaga Cricket Club, the most famous and successful cricket team in Brunei! The Panaga Cricket Section has existed for as long as the Panaga Club (in fact some old photographs show cricket being played before the club was created).

After a lull in the early part of this century the section is now up and running and hosting various competitions. Initially due to a lack of funds the games were played with a hard tennis ball but after proving the viability of the section to club management and collecting funds the facilities were improved.

We now boast a Flicx pitch in the middle of the padang which although artificial allows both spin and seam meaning that matches are evenly balanced between bat and ball. In addition we have a new facility with another Flicx pitch which allows practice. The net has been designed to be above surrounding ground level meaning that it rarely flood and dries quickly to ensure it can be used almost year round.

Since being reformed in 2010 the section has hosted various competitions ranging from 6-a-side to T20. After various experiments we have settled on T20 format as the heat and humidity are too great for 50 over games.

For more information about our section, you can email us at: