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Are you interested in Kids Yoga?

The Panaga Yoga Section would like to hear your opinion!!! If your child would like to do Yoga, please comment, send PM (Facebook) or email to Please state the number of children, their ages and your available times. If there's a demand, we will start a kids yoga class. Thank you!

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Yoga Classes - "First come" Rule

Dear Yoga Members, I kindly would like to remind you to show up to your Yoga classes at least 5 minutes before it start. This allows a smooth start and ensures you a place. Places are allocated after the “First come” rule. Please understand that if a class is full the teacher will ask you to come back the following week. If you are late, please don't enter the Classroom anymore as this will disturb other Yoga students, especially if the class is already full. Furthermore, we would like to remind you to switch your mobile phones during the class off or put it on silent mode. In case you have an urgent call to answer, please do this by...

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