Use of Swim Nappies / Diapers

Dear Parents

Kindly see below amended Pool Rules as to lower the rates pool contamination due to fouling.

  • Infants/toddlers aged below 3 years MUST have “swim nappies/diapers”

  • Incontinent children MUST not use main pool

It is compulsory for ALL children who are not fully potty-trained to wear a swim nappy/diaper.

The swim nappies/diapers are available from Club Member Services or after office hours from Serikandi Catering Office via Club Security Foyer.

The fouling incident not only does it cause loss of access to a key Club feature, it also costs the Club thousands of dollars in chemicals with each instance of fouling.

Always be conscious of and respectful to all other pool users.

If we follow these simple rules everyone will enjoy the swimming pools.

Panaga Club Management