Golf Division Annual Meeting (DAM) & Committee Members (1st Amendment)

Dear Golfers,

It came to my attention that attendees of Golf Division Annual Meeting (DAM) had several questions regarding status of the Club, Golfing and nominations. Let me provide some clarifications on the matters raised.

  1. Panaga Club properties and land remain under BSPs ownership.
  2. BSP is still providing significant financial support to the Club and will continue to appoint representatives to executive positions in line with past practice.
  3. Golf is important division for Panaga Club members and requires support and attention from Club management.
  4. Currently Golf is in need of financial support from BSP and the Club, and expertise to further improve the course.

 Therefore, I will appoint following nominees for 2023/2024 who will volunteer to sustain the section and help golfing members enjoy their time:

  1.  Golf Captain – Mr Gareth Turner
  2. Golf Vice Captain – Mr Robert Goodwin

Given Panaga Club has a long-standing tradition of support from volunteers; I welcome golfing members to help fill following roles for 2023/2024.  Please submit the attached Nomination Form to PGC Administration Office or email to by 4pm on Tuesday, 28th February 2023.

  1. Honorary Secretary
  2. Honorary Treasurer
  3. Honorary Competition & Membership Secretary
  4. Honorary Groundsman
  5. Ladies' Captain

If you have further suggestions or feedback, please share them with Club Manager - Nor Yap; email to

Thank you for your continued commitment to the club and have a great time.

Andrey Shuvalov
Club President


Nomination Form
Please submit the attached Nomination Form to PGC Administration Office or e-mail by 4:00pm on Tuesday, 28 February 2023