A Note From the PGC Vice-Captain

Good day everyone and Selamat Hari Raya.

I hope that you are all well.

The committee has worked hard the last 12-months to improve the playing experience at the Panaga Golf Club. We believe from our own observation and feedback received that we have managed to achieve improvements across all aspects with improvements to the greens and clearance of the bush on the sea wall that allows a welcome sea breeze and coastal view (there are further plans in the pipeline). The recent extended dry period has thrown us back a little, but we are sure that the course will recover. I wish to thank each of the committee members for their hard work in achieving this.

We very much rely on feedback from our membership so please do continue to communicate your concerns and/or ideas to us either via the office, to the committee members directly or via the feedback questionnaire.

Some recent concerns raised have included:

  1. Tee time punctuality.
    1. Tee times are available to be booked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and, public holidays. If you do not have access to the booking system, please contact one of the office team and you will be provided with access.
    2. Tee times are provided in 10-minute slots. If you book a slot for 07:00 – 07:10 it means that you/your group commence tee off at 07:00. It does not mean starting tee off at 07:10. We ask that you respect other members and arrive at the course in plenty of time so that this can be achieved.

  2. Litter on the course.
    1. There are bins provided at locations throughout the course. Please use them. You are all stakeholders in the Panaga Golf Club so please do not leave rubbish on the course where you think there ought to be a rubbish bin. Remember that you brought the bottle or cans or packets with you, it is not additional hardship to take them away and dispose of properly.

  3. Bunkers not raked.
    1. Having to play a ball out of a bunker is an inevitable part of playing golf. Everyone understands this so please rake the bunker after having played out of it. Again, this is about demonstrating respect for your fellow club members and will be appreciated.

Always remember the good shots because they are the ones that keep you coming back.