Safety Alert - Crocodiles

Dear PGC Members,

On Saturday 5th December 2020, Panaga Golf Club received a near-miss incident report related to a crocodile attack near the pond adjacent to Green number 10. With this recent incident and numerous sighting of crocodiles in the ponds, all golfers are advised to exercise extra caution and be alert at all times when golfing at Panaga Golf Course especially around near the ponds.

Brief report of the incident below :

“At around 1030 hrs this morning, my second shot went to the left near by hole number 10 green. As I was searching my ball, I was attacked by giant crocodile. Luckily I managed to jump back and I was left unhurt.

I was very lucky. Grateful if you could warn rest of the members of the risks. I would suggest all to be conscious as soon as they are near by the Merky water by the lakes.”

Stay Safe and be alert at all times.

Panaga Golf Committee 2019/2020