Change in Panaga CLub Membership Fees Effective 1 January 2023

Dear Valued Members,
We hope you had a good year 2022 and have been enjoying Panaga Club offerings. We are committed to continue adhere to safety of Members and Guests, maintain facilities, improve services and provide new offerings, so our Members and Families can enjoy the Club.
Sustainability is also an important element for Panaga Club wellbeing. As non-profit organization, we are supported by our Members, Vendors and BSP. As we reviewed 2023 budget and prioritized key expenditures (with some regrets to balance the budget), we made a decision to have a limited increase of membership fees, to support ongoing and future projects, key maintenance works and continue providing support to many sections.
Club membership fees as of 1st January 2023 are:
BSJV - Standard (SG 4 and above) B$115
BSJV - Reduced (SG 5 and below) B$80
Retirees B$80
Non-BSJV - Standard $120

Non-BSJV - Reduced
(Rank - Garrison, Army & Police, Students, Teachers, Nurses, Mature Dependent)


We hope that Members will understand the need for increase of monthly fees (which we haven't changed for a while), given inflationary pressures and will support us in 2023!


Panaga Club Management Committee