Highlights from Club President: Panaga Club Update (17/8/2021)

Current Situation

Over the last week 3 of our Panaga Club Staff have tested positive along with 4 of our on-site contractor staff.  All cases have been linked to existing clusters - please join our staff swift recovery.  As a result of these cases all of our Panaga Club staff have been tested (with negative results) and issued Quarantine Orders to isolate until the 26th of August.  The Club and site restaurants/cafes will remain closed at least until the 26th of August, please bear with us and expect a delayed response to any queries you may have.

The total case count in country continues to rise and as such we can give no guidance on ease of restrictions at the club.  We will continue to comply with the directives issued by the Ministry of Health.  Any updates will be in our weekly newsletter or on one of our social media accounts.

Stay involved and be a part of our online community
We know that not being able to enjoy the wide range of activities we offer at the Club will have an impact on you and your families.  We are working with our coaches and sections to launch tailored online offerings.  Look out for updates and stay connected with your sections.

Section fees
Members have queried about a cessation or reduction of fees for section activities during this restricted period. The decision to reduce or suspend section fees lies with the individual section committees and will vary section by section as sections seek to ensure the sustainability of their section through this period. This is particularly challenging for sections with dedicated staff (coaches) whose salaries they need to keep paying.  The management committee is providing guidance to sections and will be reviewing the proposals from every section.

Members may, we concede, ultimately wish to resign from sections however this would in turn mean that similar to the main club membership they will then be prevented from rejoining that section for a period of six months.

Panaga Club Membership fees
As a registered society Panaga Club is ineligible for government support and thus must find ways to sustain in this period so that we can offer the quality activities once restrictions ease.  The income we receive from membership fees ensures we can continue to pay staff and, maintain and improve our facility.  In coming weeks we will look for ways to reduce our expenses and potentially enable reduction of monthly fees.

Once our team are healthy and can return to the Club they will continue to take care of facility in line with Operating Procedures to keep everyone safe.  Thank you for your continuous support.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to the club soon - stay safe.

Andrey Shuvalov
Panaga Club President