Thank You For Your Continued Support

Dear Members

Just a quick note from me to thank all club members for your continued support of the club.

2020 has been a very challenging year for us all and I appreciate the level of participation from the club members for all the activities that have been introduced over the summer holidays.  I really hope that you and your families have enjoyed the additional activities that have been provided, including the children’s activities, the spinning classes and the sailing on our beautiful Panaga beach, to name just a few.  As the restrictions have been relaxed it is fantastic to see the club busy again, with increased levels of activity and many smiling faces.

All of these additional activities only happen thanks to our dedicated club staff at Panaga Club and at KBBC, who have worked hard to restart activities whenever possible and also introduce new activities for the members.  In addition, I would like to thank the large number of volunteers who bring a fantastic level of energy to the club, I appreciate that many of the activities only happen because of your dedication and commitment.

The Panaga Club will continue to operate within the guidance provided by the Brunei Government and I thank you for using the BruHealth App and having your temperature checked when you enter the club.

Please stay safe and healthy as you enjoy the final days of the summer holidays.

Best regards

Club President