Toothpaste - Frangiprani Solid in Stainless Steel Box

Toothpaste - Frangiprani Solid in Stainless Steel Box

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With different Flavor!!

Free from Triclosan, Fluoride and any other controversial ingredients, this solid toothpaste is handmade with only natural ingredients, on which 70% are organic.

Kaolin Clay, Calcium carbonate and Organic Coconut oil are the perfect equation to keep your mouth clean naturally!

This solid toothpaste has been formulated without essential oils, especially for pregnant/breastfeeding women, kids under 6years and allergic person to limonene (essential oil’s component).

This solid toothpaste comes with its reusable stainless steel box to hygienically keep it after use or during travel.


  • Bring it when you travel: light, easy to transport and with no risk of leaks or issues with the airport authorities
  • Answers to Zero Waste objectives, no more excuse yeah!
  • Plastic-free;-)
  • Refillable box
  • Contains Organic Certified ingredients