Option 1: Dine in as guests of existing active Club member

  • Club member must be always present with guests and bring them in with their membership cards. Guests may be invited (without day pass) for dine-in only. If guests would like to use any other facilities (e.g: pool, gym, tennis badminton etc), a day pass must be purchased. 
  • Guests only includes family and friends whom the Club member knows personally. The Club member will be fully responsible for his/her guests whilst they are present on Club premises. 
  • All guests brough in for dine-in must be registered at the Foyer Reception Counter.
  • In the case that the guest is not accompanied by the Club member, a temporary pass (either Day Pass or Week Pass) must be purchased.

Option 2: Non-member is a BSJV employee with valid GID Card

  • Non-member to present/show valid GID card to security at our Foyer receptionist counter. He/she is allowed to dine-in at any day, any time with all caterers. 
  • No signing of chits is allowed. Therefore, all bills must be paid by cash or card at point of sale.
  • BSJV members without GID Card will be required to purchase a temporary pass (either day pass or week pass) to dine in.
  • Non-member BSJV Employee are not allowed to bring any guests to dine in including spouse, children, other family members and friends. 
  • Required to register name on book.

Option 3: Purchase a day pass or a week pass

  • Day pass can be bought from our Foyer receptionist counter everyday, including weekends and public holidays.
  • Week pass can be bought from our Member Services Team during office hours.

Option 4: Dine in for lunch Monday to Thursday from 11:30am - 1:30pm

  • Public (non-members) can dine in for lunch at above stated time without purchasing a day pass. 
  • If non-members would like to use any other facilities (e.g, pool, gym, tennis, badminton etc), a day pass must be purchased
  • Applies to all caterers: Serikandi, Floradina and Santuari.
  • If going to Santuari, non-member must register details in book and be given a temporary pass to get beach access.


For more information or assistance, you can contact our Panaga Club Hotline at +673 745 2265