Jam Factory

There is no monthly/yearly fee or registration form for the Jam Factory

Book the Jam Factory out for band practice HERE.

Book Jam Factory equipment HERE.


The Jam Factory is the beating heart of Panaga’s music scene. It’s dimly lit cavern-like entrance masterfully conceals the funky vibes contained within. 

A must visit for any budding rock star, the Jam Factory is kitted out with enough instrumentation and amplification wattage to blow a hole in any eardrum (the committee recommends ear plugs are worn...).

The room can be booked for band jamming, gig practice and even recording sessions. Most of the equipment is also available for hire to Panaga Club members and we also have PA systems that can be rented from a small speaker to a full stage setup.


For more information about our section, you can email us at:  PanagaJamFactory@gmail.com

or for Venue Hire:  razali@panagaclub.com