Application for an Activity or Event or use of Facility at Panaga Club

APPLICATION FORM to be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the event. 

NOTE:  Separate forms are required as highlighted below.


Clubhouse 1st Floor
Pelangi Room/Balcony
Teratai Room/Balcony

Clubhouse Ground Floor
Main Hall

Pool & Poolside area (for Sections only)

Jam Factory (basement facing car park)
Band Practice

Jungle House (left side of road entrance)

Beach Shelter now known as Azul Beach Club (Bookings via Caterer Ricardos: 3375976)
Kinetic Park
Padang / Guidelines

Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) / Guidelines

Equipment & Furniture
Jam Factory Equipment
Jungle Tots Furniture

Company Authorization
BSJV Authorisation Form
Non BSJV Authorisation form

Event Participation by Non Club Members
Guest List

Waiver & Indemnity for Event Participation at Panaga Club & PGC

Event with more than 45 persons
Event Safety Management - Guidelines
Event Safety Management - Application Form