Invitation For 'Expressions of Interest' (EOI) For Panaga Club Roof Replacement Project

The Panaga Club invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from suitable qualified, competent, and experienced general contractors, and joint ventures for the Provision of the Roof Replacement Project.

Companies must demonstrate expertise, competency and previous experience in delivering services of a similar scope and type, and availability of personnel and resources. The safety of Company staff, Contractors and Panaga Club members is a core to the scope, Company shall demonstrate experience in performing roof replacement work safely.  Company is required to perform this work diligently and in an expeditious, economical and financially prudent manner, consistent with the best interest and requirements of Panaga Club.

Tender Scope:
To replace existing roofing including all extended roof (first & ground floors) areas, roof over stairs at Lotus Balcony and stairs to Music room. A number of locations in the main clubhouse now experience water leaks causing damage to other parts of the building such as ceilings, walls, floors, etc. The total roofing area requiring replacement is approximately est. 4000m2. Scope includes all materials, resources and equipment to establish access to the work areas and complete the roof replacement scope.

Proposed Tender/Contract Schedule

  • Planned RFQ date: 13 May 2023
  • Planned award date: 29 May 2023
  • Required Work Start date: 01 July 2023
  • Required Work Completion date: 30 September 2023

For any EOI-related queries, kindly refer to the Facility Manager by email at

Please indicate your interest by sending an email to the following address with the title ‘Expressions of Interest for Panaga Club Roof Replacement Project’ as your email subject.  Vendors will be provided a questionnaire to complete and to be returned no later than 14 April 2023 @1600HRs local (Brunei) time. PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT ANY REPLY RECEIVED LATER THAN THE SPECIFIED DATE AND TIME MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED.

This Expression of Interest shall not be deemed to be an invitation to tender. Panaga Club shall have the right and sole discretion to reject any part or all of the responses made by the Vendor.  Panaga Club shall have the right and sole discretion to determine the bidders for this tender.  This letter serves solely for the purpose of obtaining Expressions of Interest and shall neither in any way be construed as to create any legal obligation on the parties responding to this advertisement nor mentioned herein.  Expenses incurred in connection to this shall be borne in its entirety by the interested parties.