Invitation For 'Expression Of Interest' (EOI) For Day Spa at Panaga Club

The Panaga Club is excited to invite potential businesses (local) to submit their interest in operating a Day Spa within our prestigious Club premises. With a large and diverse membership base, the Panaga Club provides an excellent opportunity to establish a thriving spa business that caters to its members. We are keen to develop this venture with a partner who can deliver exceptional spa services and contribute to the well-being of the community.

Expression of Interest (EOI):
We are seeking an Expression of Interest from experienced businesses (local) who have a passion for spa and wellness services. The successful partner will have the opportunity to establish and manage a Day Spa business, utilizing the existing infrastructure available at the Panaga Club. The available space for the day spa is approximately 30m2. The Day Spa will be strategically located within the Panaga Club premises to maximize exposure and accessibility.

Please indicate your interest by sending an email to with the subject title ‘Expressions of Interest for Day Spa at Panaga Club’.

Vendors will be provided a questionnaire to complete and return no later than 22nd February 2024 @1600hrsPLEASE BE REMINDED THAT ANY RESPONSE RECEIVED LATER THAN THE SPECIFIED DATE AND TIME MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED.  

This Expression of Interest shall not be deemed to be an invitation to tender.  Panaga Club shall have the right and sole discretion to reject any part or all of the responses made by the Vendor.  Panaga Club shall have the right and sole discretion to determine the bidders for this EOI.  This letter serves solely for the purpose of obtaining EOI and shall neither in any way be construed as to create any legal obligation on the parties responding to this advertisement nor mentioned herein.  Expenses incurred in connection to this shall be borne in its entirety by the interested parties.