Tip of the Week

We had a very dry rainy season and not much rain since then: there is a bit of drought. We can conserve water for when we really need it. In addition, providing treated water also requires significant amounts of energy to filter and pump it to the final destination, so water conservation also saves energy. A few things you can consider to help:

  • Place a brick inside your toilet’s flush tanks. It will save the amount of water that the brick displaces with every flush (about a litre) with virtually no impact on the effectiveness of the flush.

  • Turn the temperature setting on your water boiler down from Very Hot, to Hot, or even a bit lower. Just make sure it’s still hot enough to inhibit bacteria growth. (Look for the red dial at the base of your water heater)

  • Use a plug in your sinks when doing the dishes, instead of running the water.

  • When watering the garden, do it in the late afternoon or early morning – far less water evaporates.