The Last Straw – Tip of the Week

Trying to reduce the plastic you use?

  • Wrap a rubber-band around the stem of the liquid soap (or washing-up liquid / dishwashing detergent) dispenser to reduce the amount of soap dispensed with each push... very handy when you have eager kids or the habit to use a lot of soap when only a little bit will do.

  • Keep some plastic bags handy for when you buy loose fruits and vegetables. Re-use them again and again and keep them with your grocery carry-bags. Label with a permanent marker so you remember what they are for.

  • Generally, the larger the container, the less plastic per unit of volume. Buy a large container and refill a small one from it. Having a large container out is awkward and you automatically use more.

  • Consider NOT lining your waste baskets with plastic bags… people in many places have re-adopted this old habit. Try to make sure items you put in the bin are dry. Empty the dry bin directly into your trash can.

  • If you buy bottled water, consider getting a quality filter – it will pay for itself in just a few months. If you “need” to buy bottled water, get large bottles and fill a reusable bottle from the large bottle. This uses less plastic per volume of water than small bottles.

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