The Last Straw Newsletter - November 2018

Hi Eco-Warriors!

If you’re still planning for your weekend on the 25th of November, The Last Straw would like to invite you and your family to an activity that could benefit not just yourselves, but also the environment!  We call upon you to sign up with us to join our Cycle-Path Clean Up.  We will be providing you with gloves and some grabbers, but you are also encouraged to bring your own.  We will share more about this closer to time but do take note of the information shown in this poster.  For any queries, or just to get your names in as participants, send it to The Last Straw’s email at OR you can follow us on our Facebook and indicate that you are coming in our calendar.

On the other hand, we also have an equally important commitment to offer all of you.

The Last Straw is launching an initiative to create structurally cleaner beaches in the Panaga Area.  We are doing so through the concept of “adopt-a-beach”, where we have created a number of sections of beach along the Panaga area that groups can adopt.  This adoption process involves committing to keep a section of beach free of plastic and other human litter by regular clean-up activity (at least four times in a year).  Sections will be marked by a sign indicating who is the adopter of that section; The Last Straw will take care of making a sign for your section.  We will install shortly a large receptacle for rubbish in each section, that can be used to deposit any rubbish on a temporary basis.  We can also lend you some equipment such as gloves and a few grabbers.

This is a great opportunity to make a difference.  It is also a chance to involve your kids or other young people to help create a sense of pride in keeping our beaches litter free, and in essence, removing items that could be fatal to so much marine life.

We have drawn up a simple agreement that helps establish a common understanding and will be shared with you once you have indicated to us that you’ve agreed to this commitment.

We really could use your help to get this initiative off to a successful start.  The Last Straw is starting off with the adoption of Section E6-A, while Panaga Club will take care of E5. What about you, do you want to help?  Let us know in our email, Instagram or Facebook!

Join us in our next meeting

13 November 2018, 3pm, Panaga Club outdoor café.