The Last Straw - Mindful for our Environment

Happy Ramadan to all from The Last Straw!

We would like to ask you to be mindful for our environment this Ramadan.  Please remember to bring your own container for your takeaway food at Panaga Club and save not only the planet but some money as well!

At Azul Beach Club you'll receive a 10% discount for every meal that you takeaway in your own container.  If you use a disposable container you'll pay a 50 cents plastic tax both at Serikandi and Azul Beach Club.

Also, if you're not fasting and you'll come to do your sports or other activities at Panaga Club, please don't forget to bring your own reusable coffee cup and save on average over 25 disposable cups per person during Ramadan!

During Ramadan, non-fasting members are welcome to eat and drink something at one of the beach huts next to the Beach Shelter or now known as Azul Beach Club.  Be sure to correctly dispose your trash - if it blows onto the beach, do run after it! Emoji

 Thanks for your continuous cooperation with helping our Panaga Club Go Green!