No Plastic Straws as at 1st August 2018

Dear Members,
Today is the day when Panaga Club starts going Plastic Straw-less. This is in line with the Club’s aspiration to become an exemplary model in caring for the environment and adopting environmentally friendly means of doing things. This is also to prepare all of us for Project Hijau as the essence of this project is for Panaga Club to start using green energies and doing things that reflect care towards our surroundings and environment.
The Last Straw Committee commits to have a total ban on straws starting this month onwards. And then, everyone should come prepared with your own reusable bags as we would like to transition into a weekly routine of no plastic bags, every Thursday to Sunday, for your take-outs in our restaurants and shop. For this, we would like to encourage you to bring your own bags to reduce the use of plastic bags and therefore, reducing plastic waste. Alternatively, you may also buy Panaga Club reusable bags that you can get from our Admin Office.
The poster also suggests what you can do to support these changes by adopting a few other simple things like refusing plastic straws at other outlets, bringing your own reusable bags from home, recycling, and switching lights off when you leave a room. These are just small gestures that will create a big impact once you get used to it.
The Club has also recently installed three units of Cuckoo water dispensers that you are free to use to refill your water bottles. This is the Club’s commitment to provide our Members with clean water without you having to buy water in plastic bottles every time. Soon, we will have Panaga Club merchandise where you can fill your water in too!
So, what can you do to support this cause? You can start with refusing plastic straws, refusing plastic bags and refusing plastic bottled waters. The change starts with you!
Best Regards,
The Last Straw Committe