BSP Community Recycling Point at Panaga Club (October 2018)

Dear Members,

We are very lucky to be receiving support from the BSP on our desire to start recycling again at the Panaga Club. 

If you notice, there is a new hut at the parking area by the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) with recycle bins inside.  We urge you to use this to your advantage in keeping the community area clean, and to start a good habit of always wanting to do something beautiful for the planet.  Therefore, you can now send your personal paper, plastic, aluminum and tin recyclables to this Community Recycling Point at Panaga Club.

Recycling education starts from home!

In doing so, we would you to observe the guideline that has been shared to us by the providers.  We want this to be educational and advantageous for everyone, please do not abuse it.  If you see anyone showing disrespect, please intervene and/or direct them to us.

Thank you.