Panas TT Coming Friday @ E1 Beach

Dear runners,

A gentle reminder for the Panas February TT. Start/finish will be at the E1 beach, at the entry in the far end corner where the former security post is. Attached is the route and start/finish on the map; one round for the 5k and 2 rounds for the 10k. Will make the 10k a single longer loop if tide and rivers allow.The 10k start at 17:20 and the 5k at 17:40. Water and 100+ will be supplied.

See you Friday!




- We meet weekly at the Panaga Club beach shelter Monday and Friday @ 1745 for a run (except when there is a TT)
- Every month there is time trial (TT) with a 5k and 10k distance organised at different locations with varying routes (details announced by e-mail).

- Sunday 21 April: 10 and 5 mile race
- Sunday 23 June: The Annual Panas Panaga Half Marathon (and quarter)
- Join us at Strava:
- Drop us an e-mail if you know somebody who might be interested to be included in the mailing list.