Happy New Year and December '18 TT Results

Dear runners,

Happy New Year!  Hope everybody survived the festive season, made new and sharpened resolutions regarding their running for 2019, and will find or keep their happy pace. No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.

To close 2018, hereby the belated December TT results. The holiday season did slow down the result processing a bit. The December TT was dominated by our youngsters Chloe, Stephen and Aloy. Full results are in the attachment. Many thanks for Peter and Marie hosting the TT!

The winners of the 2018 second half championship is our running couple David and Raquel. That will be two cups on the same mantelpiece. The top-3 of the men’s and women’s championship is as follows and the full list is attached.


1          David Patton
2          Christo Swart
3          John Dovell


1          Raquel Coelho
2          Chloe Clarke
3          Judy Leslie

What is in for this year? We will definitely continue with our weekly informal Monday and Friday run. Please join us both days at 17:45 start from the Panaga Club beach shelter. Also the TT will continue as usual, with a 5 and 10k race every month hosted by one of our fellow runners. Please note that we have all the results since 1993. Maybe we will clean up the data this year and share it in some format. A lot of familiar names you were not even aware they could run. There is a half and quarter marathon in the pipeline for the first half of the year. Will communicate details when firm. There is no triathlon planned so far.

Traditionally a lot of new people arrive in Panaga after Christmas break, so please share our e-mail address for inclusion on the mailing list. Don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail for any question or suggestion.

The date of the January TT will be communicated soon.