Tri-Fit Classes

Dear Members,

With the popularity of Tri-Fit classes it is necessary to ensure everyone's safety and adhere to the Panaga Club's maximum capacity rules of our venues. The Small MPH has a maximum number of 25 participants.

All of Tri-Fit classes are run on a "first come, first served" basis. If you arrive, whether early, on time or late, and are told that your class is full then, unfortunately, you may be turned away and the Club Attendant must be respected if this decision has been made.

"Why don't you operate the booking system as you did earlier this year?" Unfortunately this system was abused and spaces were being booked but then the person would not show up for class. This action then denies another member a chance to enjoy a class.

We understand that Tri-Fit is an Incorporated Section and your membership fee allows you to be part of this Section but, as with all other areas of the Club, including the Gym, there are restrictions on the maximum number of persons allowed in at any one time.

With regard to arriving late to classes. If you do arrive late and your class has started but is not full you may be allowed to enter but it is at the Instructors discretion. Arriving late for class is disruptive and can be a safety issue. Warming up for any class, whether using weights, preparing for Pilates or a cardio class, is very important and should not be dismissed.

We all enjoy our fantastic exercise classes but we must also make sure we are keeping everyone safe and following Club rules.

Thank you for your understanding and support.