Panaga Library Summer Reading Challenge 2021 Resumes!

Passport to the world!  
Although we might not be able to physically travel to other countries at the moment, our imaginations can take us anywhere… This year the Panaga Club library team has put together a reading challenge that will let you travel to all seven continents of the world.
The challenge will restart  Monday 24th January 2022 and end on Monday 14th February. We will pick up where we left off.  If there are children who missed the start of the reading challenge, they can still join in by collecting a passport from the library desk and catching up on the continents we have visited so far Asia, Australia, Antarctica and South America.
Every Monday we will announce the continent for you to explore that week. This will be announced on the library’s Facebook page, as well as in the library itself: there will be a world map display that will show you the continent to look for.
Once you know where you are travelling to, you need to find a book relating to any country in that continent. This could be a reference book, such as a recipe book, arts & crafts manual, or a picture book of animals from that area; or it could be a fiction book, with a story from that continent or written by an author from that area.
Here is an example: if the continent is Europe, you could choose the UK as your country, and your book could be Paddington Bear, or Horrible History: Terrible Tudors, or a picture book on World War 2, or a book by David Walliams etc. You can do 1-2 books a week.
When you have chosen your book, fill in the passport page stating what continent you went to, what the book title was and what you found out. When you return the book back to the library bring your passport with you and you can collect a passport stamp from the desk staff to put in your passport.
Once you have visited all seven continents you will get a certificate at the end of the challenge.
If you have any questions, you can ask a member of the library team.
Safe travels and enjoy your journey!