Inappropriate Use of & Damage To Club Property

Over the past 2 months Club Management has recorded an increase in incidents of inappropriate use of our club’s property by unsupervised minors.

Members are reminded that the safety, welfare and behavior of a child in the Club is entirely, and at all times, the responsibility of its parents or guardian.

Children under 14 years old must, in principle, be supervised and always accompanied in the Club premises by a parent or guardian.

The parents are responsible to collect their children aged 6 up to 11 years, immediately after the activities or lessons and the children must wait for their parents in the Club foyer or appropriate related area.

The safety of everyone is the main priority for the Club Management, therefore please ensure to keep well within the safety expectations as laid out by Club’s regulations.

Acts of vandalism of any kind can result in disciplinary action. Please report any suspicious activity to Security Guard, Member Services Office or to any Club Staff or email to: /

Panga Club Management