Guidelines for Operational Readiness - Extension of the Early Endemic Phase starting 15/1/2022

Updated guidelines for the Extension of the Early Endemic Phase starting 15th January 2022.
  • The Club opens daily from 7am to 10pm.
  • The Fitness Centre (gym) opens daily from 5am to 9pm.
  • Tennis courts bookings daily from 7am to 10pm.
  • Swimming pool opens daily from 5am onwards with closing times as below:
    *  Monday / Wednesday / Friday - Closes at 8pm for cleaning & manual dosing
    *  Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday-Sunday - Closes at 9pm for manual dosing only.
  • Visitors on Day Pass, Week Pass and Single Section Activity Pass are allowed.
  • Maximum number of participants in an activity or space in line with the guidance to operate spaces/activities at  75% of premise capacity or not more than 300 persons (whichever is the lesser number) at a time including teacher, trainer, and volunteer or personnel on duty.
  • Entrance to the Club only permitted through the Main Entrance. All side entrances remain locked.
  • NO pre online-booking is required for all activities (except Golf & Tennis using supersaas).
Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
      1. Non-contact sports are permitted.
      2. Team sports is allowed as follows:
        a) Switching or mixed players between groups are allowed.
        b) Contact Sports are allowed for skill training only except sparring training.
      3. Organized sports and competitions are not permitted.
      4. Use of equipment is permitted for doubles or pairs sports and non contact artistic sports.  Sharing of equipment within a group is allowed and must clean/sanitize before and after use.
      5. Practicing, Workout and Exercising:
        Users are to ensure that they keep physical distancing of at least 1.5 meter apart during the sport activity.
        b)  Wear appropriate sports attires that can cover and protect your skin.

        c)  When using an exercise mat, use a towel and lay it on your mat.
      6. Use of sport facilities locker and shower rooms are allowed.

      Golf Course

      1. Pre-booking is required through Supersaas.  Click to book.
        Golfers can also contact Golf Member Services during working hours only; Daily 7.30am-11am / 1pm-4.30pm:
        337 5958 / 337 3142 or /

        Strictly no walk-ins allowed.
      2. First tee-off at 6.45am, last tee-off at 5pm.
      3. Golf Shop and Driving Range – 8am to 8.30pm.
      4. Please refer to Golf Guidelines

        Private gatherings or mass gathering

        1. Buffet service during functions and at restaurants is not permitted, except for dome serving, although distribution take-home packaged meals are encouraged.
        2. Must strictly comply with all COVID-19 Control Measures.


        • Ensure your BruHealth is updated and available for BruHealth QR code for your own convenience when coming to the Club.  The Club will be able to reject your entry if QR code is not available . 
        • All individuals are allowed to enter premises, or attend events, regardless of their vaccination status.  This is the general requirement for entry into Panaga Club. However,
          1. Full Vaccination (2 Doses) are allowed to enter with BruHealth colour codes Green and Yellow.  Confirm identity and vaccination status with IC / Club membership card / Driving Licence and BruHealth / yellow book / other vaccination card.
          2. Not fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are required to present a valid negative Antigen Rapid Test (ART) result Certificate.  ART certificate can be obtained from ART Certification Centers; Click to view details on the appointed ART Certification Centres to do your ART together with result and Certificate.
          3. Children under 18 years old who are not fully vaccinated must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult to enter PANAGA CLUB and may use facilities such as the POOL, RESTAURANTS, PLAYGROUND, etc including private lessons, without the need for ART testing.
        • Security will review the result of QR Code Scan including valid ART negative result Certificate, where applicable, and entry will be subjected to member’s colour code. Allowed: Green and Yellow. Prohibited: Red, Blue and Purple.
        • Scan QR code upon entry (before activity/class) and exit from ALL facilities (after activity/class) for the purpose of contact tracing  if required. 
        • All entrants must undergo a temperature check and sanitize their hands.
        • Face masks should be worn except when engaging in high-intensity activity.
        • It is encouraged to bring own equipment, water bottles and towels.
          Use of drinking Cuckoo water dispensers are allowed.
        • Adopt social and physical distancing measures of at least 1.5 meters between individuals if possible. Limit physical contact and equipment sharing.
        • Use of personal equipment and sanitization before and after the usage.
        • Bring your own disinfectant for your protection.
        • Personal hygiene must be observed at all times, for example frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizer as well as face mask when in crowded area.
        • If you are unwell or sick, please don’t come to the club. Individuals are advised to monitor health daily for symptoms.
        • If individuals have been in a public place, or after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing, they are advised to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, but if not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.
        • Avoid handshakes and close contact greetings and remain at least 1.5 meters apart between yourself and others.
        • Everyone is reminded once again not to be complacent and to continue to adhere to SOPs, such as physical distancing, ensuring venue capacity limits, the wearing of facemasks, maintaining cleanliness, and mandatory use of the BruHealth mobile application.
        • Poolside Cafeteria
        • Kenyalang Kafe



        • By Serikandi
        • Daily @ 8am to 8 pm; last order 7.30pm
        • Buffet service during functions and at restaurants is not permitted, except for dome serving.
        • Separate spaces or lanes for take-away services.
        • 337 2350
        • Lotus Lounge




        • By Floradina
        • Monday to Saturday; Closes on Sunday
          @ 7.30am to 6.30pm; last order 6pm.
        • Buffet service during functions and at restaurants is not permitted, except for dome serving.
        • Separate spaces or lanes for take-away services.
        • 337 2646