Panaga Natural History Society Activity on 2 April 2019 @ Annex Room

Mark Easterbrook presently lives and works in Iraq, for Basrah Gas Company, a Shell joint venture, on a rotational basis. During his time off he travels to ecological hot-spots which are home to unique animal species or ecosystems, with a particular focus on the human and wildlife interactions in the location.
Two particular volunteer experiences have triggered a great interest in the opportunities to support the animal, ecosystem and human populations that make particular environments home. His experience in the Kinabatangun River region of Sabbah, and the Namib desert region of Namibia, made real the challenges of people and animals living alongside each other. Supported by Ape Malaysia and Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA), Mark was able to experience and participate in activities designed to maintain the numbers of elephants in these regions, whilst fostering a sense of value which the human populations are beginning to feel for their animal neighbors.

Topics covered in this session revolve around volunteer tourism, water source protection, forest rehabilitation, wildlife corridors, endangered animals, and the great experiences that can be had by joining a volunteer organization .