Guidelines for Operational Readiness - Transition Phase (dated 19/11/2021)

  • Effective Friday, 19th November 2021 most facilities will re-open unless stated in below table.
  • The Club opens 7am to 8.30pm daily.
  • Members only, NO day/week passes or guests allowed.
  • Maximum number of participants in an activity or space in line with the guidance to operate spaces/activities at 50% capacity not exceeding 200 people at a time including teacher, trainer, and volunteer or personnel on duty.
  • Entrance to the Club only permitted through the Main Entrance. All back and side entrances remain locked.
Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
      1. Open to individual sports, doubles or singles matches, non-contact artistic sports and team sport.
      2. Team sports is allowed as follows:
        a) In a group of 15 persons but only for training program.
        b) Switching or mixed players between groups are allowed
        c) Contact Sports are allowed for training sessions only. Physical contact and sparring are NOT allowed.
      3. Organized sports or competitions are not allowed.
      4. Minimal sharing of equipment within a group is allowed and must clean and sanitize before and after use.
      5. Practing, Workout and Exercising:
        Users are to ensure that they keep physical distancing of at least 1.5 meter apart during the sport activity.
        b)  Wear gloves to minimize contact with surfaces, where applicable.
        c)  Wear appropriate sports attires that can cover and protect your skin.

        d)  When using an exercise mat, use a towel and lay it on your mat.
      6. Use of sport facilities locker and shower rooms are allowed.
      7. Pre-booking is required for use of facilities or activities except for Driving Range and Practice Green (please refer to Golf Guidelines); Maximum pre-booking 1 week in advance and minimum 1-day in advance.


      • Ensure your BruHealth is updated and available for BruHealth QR code for your own convenience when coming to the Club.  The Club will be able to reject your entry if QR code is not available. 
      • Only Full Vaccination (2 Doses) are allowed to enter with BruHealth colour codes Green and Yellow.  Confirm identity and vaccination status with IC / Club membership card / Driving Licence and BruHealth / yellow book / other vaccination card.
      • Security will review the result of QR Code Scan and entry will be subjected to member’s colour code. Allowed: Green and Yellow. Prohibited: Red, Blue and Purple. 
      • Scan QR code upon entry (before activity/class) and exit from ALL facilities (after activity/class) for the purpose of contact tracing  if required. 
      • All entrants must undergo a temperature check and sanitize their hands.
      • Face mask is required at all times including on golf course (except when eating or drinking or during physical/strenuous sports activities).
      • It is encouraged to bring own equipment, water bottles and towels.
        Use of drinking Cuckoo water dispensers are allowed.
      • Adopt social and physical distancing measures of at least 1.5 meters between individuals if possible. Limit physical contact and equipment sharing.
      • Use of personal equipment and sanitization before and after the usage.
      • Bring your own disinfectant for your protection.
      • Personal hygiene must be observed at all times, for example frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizer as well as face mask when in crowded area.
      • If you are unwell or sick, please don’t come to the club. Individuals are advised to monitor health daily for symptoms.
      • If individuals have been in a public place, or after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing, they are advised to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, but if not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.


      Pre-booking is required for use of facilities or activities; Maximum pre-booking 1 week in advance and minimum 1-day in advance.

      To allow members have equal opportunity and ensure operations run smoothly.

      • Minimum 1-day in advance.
      • A member can only book 1 slot per day as to allow members have equal opportunity.
      • Please arrive and leave close to your allotted times as possible.
      • NO booking for others.
      • Booking will be first come first serve basis.

      Online Booking is available for Bookings except for Tennis using Supersaas.  Please contact below name or WhatsApp +673 8279600 during operation hours (Monday - Friday: 7.30am to 4.30pm) for any inquiries on Online Booking.

      Name Contact Number

      Email Address

      Razali 337 2234

       List of activities/facilities and specific rules:

      Arts & Crafts
      • For Arts & Crafts Members only
      • Pre-booking is required.  Click to book.
      • Maximum 5 users per session.
      • 1 slot per week for each user.
      • Monday / Wednesday / Friday - 9am to 12noon
        Tuesday (not 7th December) / Thursday - 2pm to 4pm
        Alternate Saturday starting from 27th November - 10am to 12noon

      Athletics (PANAS)


      • Adopt social and physical distancing measures of at least 1.5 metres between individuals if possible. 





      Beach activity / Kayak


      • No equipment sharing.
      • If using club equipment, the equipment should be wiped down/sanitized before use.



      • Adopt social and physical distancing measures of at least 1.5 metres between individuals if possible.

      Golf course



      • Pre-booking is required for Golf Course:
        First tee-off at 6.45am, last tee-off at 5pm.
      • Golf Shop and Driving Range – 8am to 8.30pm.
      • Please refer to Golf Guidelines.











      • Pre-booking is required.  Click to book.
      • 5am to 8pm daily; closed for cleaning at 1pm to 2pm.
      • Maximum 15 users per single entry including Gym Instructor.
      • Limited to 2 hours per user.
        All new Gym users must attend safety induction regarding the safe use of the facilities, which includes gym etiquette and emergency procedures prior to using the gym.  Please arrange with Korn directly / +673 7257315 or otherwise he is available for a 5-minutes safety induction as below schedule during this Transition Phase period except public holidays:

      • Mondays to Thursdays – 9.30am to 12noon / 4pm-6pm
      • Fridays – 3pm to 6pm.
      • Click for Fitness Centre (Gym) Form for Safety Induction
      • Use the paper towels and disinfectant provided to wipe equipment after use.

      Indoor Football


      Lawn Bowls





      • Pre-booking is required.  Click to book.
      • Maximum 8 members including librarian per slot.
      • Limited to 20 minutes per slot per user with 10 minutes cleaning slots in between.
      • Schedules as per timetable on online booking.


      • Withhold activities till February 2022.


      • Pre-booking is required.
      • Maximum 15 players per session per activity.
      • For training only.
      Skate park

      Swimming pool

      • Pre-booking is required.  Click to book.
      • Monday / Wednesday / Friday - 5am to 7pm
        Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday & Sunday - 5am to 8pm
        Daily - Closed for pool water disinfectant from 1pm to 2pm.
      • Maximum 15 users per session including lap lane users.
      • Limited to 1 hour per user.
      • Shower before entering the pool.
      • Note:  the current pool shade has been removed for replacement by early January 2022.  Use sunblock and keep hydrated when going for a swim as the weather could be hot especially in the afternoon.





      • Pre-booking is required using Supersaas.
      • Maximum 2 players per court.
      • Tennis Courts – 7am to 8pm.
      • Players are not allowed to transfer courts or switch opponents.







      • Starts on Friday, 26th November 2021.
      • Tuesday, Friday, Saturday at 8.15am to 9.15am.
      • Pre-booking is required.  Click to book.
      • Maximum 15 users including instructor per session.
      • Schedules as per timetable on online booking.


      Changing rooms/ toilets

      • Individuals should not intermingle with others and linger within the facilities. Masks must be worn when one is changing in and out of one’s sports attire/swimwear. If a mask is removed during shower or face-washing, it is to be worn promptly after.

      Private gatherings or mass gathering




      • The serving of food and drinks are allowed but in the form of packed food and are strongly recommended not to be consumed at the event.
      • The serving of food via buffet is prohibited.
      • Avoid handshakes and close contact greetings and remain at least 1.5 meters apart between yourself and other attendees.
      • Must strictly comply with all COVID-19 Control Measures.



      • Male – Maximum 4 users.
      • Female – Maximum 1 user.
      • Bring own prayer mat.


      Food and beverages

      • Consumption of food is prohibited at fitness and recreational premises (unless in cafes and restaurants).
      • Beverages can be consumed at short breaks between activities. Individuals are recommended to bring their own beverages and sharing of beverages is prohibited.


      • Poolside Cafeteria
      • Kenyalang Kafe



      • By Serikandi
      • Daily @ 8am to 8 pm; last order 7.30pm
      • Buffet services are NOT ALLOWED.
      • Separate spaces or lanes for take-away services.
      • 337 2350
      • Lotus Lounge




      • By Floradina
      • Monday to Saturday; Closes on Sunday
        @ 7.30am to 6.30pm; last order 6pm.
      • Buffet services are NOT ALLOWED.
      • Separate spaces or lanes for take-away services.
      • 337 2646