Guidelines for Extension of the Early Endemic Phase (Update: 2/4/2022)

Effective 1st April 2022, full premise capacity is allowed but 
not more than 300 persons at a time per gathering.

Effective 2nd April 2022, vaccination status will no longer be considered as a requirement to enter any premises or participate in activities.

Everyone is reminded not to be complacent and to continue to adhere to Covid-19 SOPs, such as physical distancing, ensuring venue capacity limits, the wearing of face masks, maintaining cleanliness, and mandatory use of the BruHealth mobile application.

1)  Mandatory use of the BruHealth mobile application.
Scan QR code upon entry (before activity/class) and exit from ALL facilities/premises (after activity/class) for the purpose of contact tracing  if required such as pool entrance, MPH entrance, Golf entrance, etc.

2)  All entrants must undergo a temperature check and sanitize their hands.

3)  All individuals aged 2 years and older should wear a face mask.
a)  Wearing of face mask is required at all times:

  • When out of the swimming pool or not swimming; sitting around the pool area
  • While waiting for food/drinks to be served and after food/drinks
  • After every activity.
b)  Face mask can be taken off:
  • during swimming
  • when eating and drinking
  • during sports and recreational activities.

4)  Adopt social and physical distancing measures of at least 1.5 meters between individuals if possible.

Complete information can be found in GUIDELINES (COVID-19).